Tuesday, January 22, 2013

life is daily. how should that impact my teaching?

As I think about my job and my class, I wonder what my second graders will remember about me, their classmates, and their time in my classroom. I'm reminded daily of the impact I have on their young lives. I want these children to know that they are loved. They have a teacher who would bend over backwards to help them succeed. But do they know that? How can I show them?

I'm learning that life is daily. It sounds obvious, but some days, that fact is a blessing. Some days, the dailiness of life is a curse. But each day, I am allowed to and required to...

serve my students.
love them.
guide them.
give them opportunities to become who they are designed to be.
give them various chances to find what they enjoy.
answer their unceasing, unrelenting questions.
point them to the Comforter when they are upset.
calm their fears when they are anxious.
encourage them to do their best.
pray with them.
pray over them.
show them what it means to focus on others.
give them time and prodding to reach out to others.
laugh at their jokes.
redirect their wandering minds and hearts.
be an example of focus on the important things.
encourage them to be organized so they can be productive.
smile at them for no reason.
and show them that they are cherished.

Fellow teachers, I hope this can be a practical encouragement as you impact the kids in your class. :)


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