Thursday, September 29, 2011

Craft: Fall Owl Puppet

I chose to welcome fall with a cute wreath to hang on my classroom door. Next up was getting the kiddos in a festive mood for fall by collecting leaves to use for our adorable owl puppet!

Here's my owl puppet that was our craft for the day! Next up, apple stamping to hang on our classroom door. :)

P.S. I have NO idea what teachers did before pinterest. Seriously... new bff.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY yarn wreath

I successfully completed my first DIY (do it yourself) project! I've started a few and have the intentions of starting a few more, but my dear friend Jennie gave one of these as a gift to another dear friend, Alyssa.

I've seen these puppies posted ALL over pinterest, which is the new rave, btw! Follow me! You won't be sorry! . . . and now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

These yarn wreaths are everywhere. So I headed over to JoAnn and picked out my supplies.

Yarn... $3.00 with PLENTY left over for my next project. :)
Styrofoam wreath... $5.00. I've heard you can buy these at the dollar store, but I was afraid of lesser quality styrofoam.
Felt... $5.00 for a HUGE box of every color imaginable. Word to my mother for finding such a wonderful thing at a yard sale!
Wooden buttons to give it a more rustic feel... $2.00. But I still have plenty of leftovers! :)
Hot glue and gun... cheap? I don't remember. lol
Total cost: $13.00 but I have felt and yarn left to clothe a small army. Maybe my students???
This tutorial looks great, but I didn't use one. Jennie explained it for a few seconds and I figured it out. Felt flowers can be found here and here.

After about a movie and a half, I was completely finished. Mine took longer than most since I alternated two colors of yarn to give it the "rugby shirt" effect, but I love it. :) It'll make my classroom door more festive once I make felt leaves with the students' names on them to hang as well!

Happy DIYing! :)