Friday, April 27, 2012

DIY: desk makeover

I've had this desk at my parent's house for years. I decided it was about time to take care of it. :) 

Step One: Find old desk. Not too hard. When I actually got around to doing this project, I was informed that the desk is several years older than my grandparents are. I had tried to paint it back in junior high, thus the lousy paint job before! The desk started out an army green color, but I wanted it to be a fabulous grey color to match whatever decor I had. :)

Step Two: Prime. Not terribly hard. I got the primer that sticks to even glossy paint since I hate sanding. It worked wonders!!!

Step Three:  Paint. :) I found some wonderful spray paint tips over at one of my favorite blogs! I used their suggestions and they helped immensely! Overall, I think it went well, and I'm STOKED to put it in my new apartment (whether it's in my room or my roommate's... since I was given another wonderful desk the day after I finished this one! More on that later!!!)

What did I use and where did I get it?

(Soon to be replaced with a lovely knob from Hobby Lobby!)


kids say the funniest things! {part two}

Student: “Miss Roberts, do you know how to change diapers?” 
Me: “Yes, but what does that have to do with?”
Student: “Well, you're going to have a baby, right!?!”


(Conversation between a student and her mother)
 Student: “Mom, today is Miss Roberts' last day. I want to get her flowers because I really like her! I can pay for them.” 
Mom: “Aww, how much do you think they cost?” 
Student: “Two dollars?” 
Mom: “If you give me your two dollars, I'll make sure that Miss Roberts gets flowers. Whatever you like!”


Student: "What is the opposite of internal? Outernal???"


Me: “Are you ok, Noah?” 
Noah: “No! She's squishing my personal bubble!”


Student: (about her younger sister) “Dear Jesus, please be with Emma because her hamster died. Help her just get over it. and thank you that we get to bury him in the garden.”


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DAY TWO: [orange]

DAY TWO: [orange]

I was looking around my classroom today for something orange, and I noticed that my pencil "bowl" is indeed cheerfully orange. :) Then I happened to notice that something else in my room was even more cheerfully orange. :)


30 day photo project: DAY ONE: [hands]

My long lost friend, Hilary, over at Hilary Ellis Photography, started up a 30 day photo project yesterday. Of course, I didn't post mine last night, but I'll post it today. :) Disclaimer: if you head over to her blog, remember, she is a pro. I am the farthest thing from a pro! And these pictures are mostly going to be taken on my iPhone... not known for it's quality imaging.

DAY ONE: [hands]

I did not take this picture, but it is of my hands. The busier life gets, I realize how much I need to set aside time for the piano. About two months ago, I had a really stressful day, and after two hours at the piano, nearly all stress had just melted away. Some people like to exercise for therapy??? My "therapy" is often just letting whatever emotion is in me flow out through song. This particular picture was taken while our high school choir sang at the Crown Center in downtown Kansas City. We took and afternoon to go provide a concert for the community. It was a thrill for even me. :)