Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Small groups and soccer.

My list of things to blog about is growing, yet my free time is shrinking! Tuesday night's are small group nights for a local church here in KC. It isn't the church I attend, but I was included by a friend, only to make several other friends. Last night, we spent our evening at a soccer game and encouraging a high school senior on senior night. I just love the bond that the body of Christ brings no matter where your life may take you. My life brought me to KC and my Lord dropped me in the midst of a group of godly, encouraging friends. Praise the Lord for His excellent goodness. :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

blast from the past: pictures from high school

A few pictures from back in the day when I had bad clothes, bad hair, bad teeth, you name it... But they made me laugh. Praise the Lord for His grace!!!!!!!!!

1- mission trip sophomore year to DC

2- same mission trip

3- same trip. i dyed my hair on the trip.

4- had the privilege of leading Donnell to the Lord. then he asked me to prom. :)

5- resident pianist.

6- overalls. seriously. 7- just skin and bones.

8- practicing cheerleading anywhere and everywhere. in a bowling alley in indianapolis...

9- again, awful hair and clothes and smile... TFC. junior high.

10- high school. the haircut i loved but am too nervous to attempt again.

11- mission trip to DC, 2005.

12- what did i tell you about cheerleading?? 13- pants filled with balloons. 34 if i remember correctly... and my short hair.

14- youth lock-in.

15- ice breakers in youth group.

16- waiting at a train station in Chicago, 2004. seven whole years ago! TFC nationals!

17- camp retreat, Manitoumi.

18- surprise sweet sixteen party.

19- the day i decided i hated surprises.

20- mystery dinner theater at Delhi. 21- ice-blocking. :)

I hope none of you "faithful" followers take me any less seriously now. I was clueless. Really, I was. I have a certain respect for junior highers and high schoolers that actually look put together. Props to you. :)

Another fall activity: nature color palette

Today was sunny with a high of 75, so we took a little field trip around the school and collected colored things from nature and stuck them onto our "painter's palette." This was my finished product!

red: mum petals
orange: leaf
yellow: more flower petals
green: pine needles
blue: a morning glory
purple: some other pretty flower
brown: dirt... go figure. :)
white: another flower

memories are made...

when an unexpected event makes your weekend. :)
when someone shares pictures of your surprise sweet sixteen. :)
when a car breaks down in the "freezing" cold. :)
when roommates become "housemates." :)
when siblings become friends. :)
when "home" becomes a term used for several places. :)
when you realize that every day is remarkably wonderful. :)
when you have too many incredible friends to count. :)
when you look back on life and witness God's grace. :)
when late nights turn into really late nights. :)
when you're normally in bed by 10 and someone makes you more than willing to stay up til 3. :)
when you see how ridiculous you looked in high school... and you aren't embarrassed. :)
when you spend your days with children. :)
when you see the colors in a world that everyone is trying to make black, white, and grey. :)
when old friends are reacquainted. :)
when new friends are made. :)
when new steps are made after something "crippling" happens. :)

for so many reasons, my heart is filled with memories today. :)
Makes for a pretty good Monday, if I do say so myself. ;)

Thursday, October 06, 2011

when bitterness sets up camp.

I've never considered myself a bitter person. I've always been the one with a smile. I've been the one who laughs too much. I've been the one who's never really gone through a particularly trying time.

Well, maybe it's the transparency I've been working towards in my own life. Or maybe it's the devil and his evil temptations. But OH MY SOUL, I am a bitter person.

I'm still smiley. And those smiles are still genuine.

But I'm jealous.
I find reasons to dislike people simply because they're not me.
I get angry with people when they don't act as I think they should.
I hold onto wrongs committed. Why? Because I want to? I'm not even sure.
I choose not to love when love should be my only option.

Simply put, I have NOTHING to complain about.
My needs are supplied by the God who created and sustains the universe.

And the Maker of the stars hears the sound of my breaking, bitter, hateful, unloving, jealous, covetous, pathetic, disgusting heart.

He hears my unvoiced prayer.
He knows my sin.
He knows me.

...but He loves me anyway.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Craft: Fall(ing) Leaves Handprint

Another day... another kids craft project. As the leaves begin to change and fall, life all around is changing. :)

Here's Friday's class project:

Enjoy the little ones in your life! :)