Friday, May 11, 2012

Why my students love their mothers...

For Mother's Day, I had my little kiddos make cards for their mom (and a few grandmas) and I asked them to write seven things that they loved about their mom. Here are some of the answers I got...

"I like your shed."
"I like your elephant bird bath."
"I love your potato soup."
"I like your bed spread."
"I love when you drive."
"I like when you talk."
"I like when you tuck me in."
"I like when you make my bed."
"I like when you buy me clothes. But I don't like the clothes you buy me."
"I love your shoes."
"I like when you take me to McDonald's."
"I like when you kiss me."
"I love when you give me candy for dinner."
"I love you because you're my mommy."
"I love you because you made me."
"I love you because you wash the dishes."
"I love you because I kiss you."
"I love you because you give me video games."
"I love your cool ring."
"I love you because we live in the United States."

These kids just crack me up. EVERY DAY. :) Happy Mother's Day!!!


Wednesday, May 02, 2012

DIY: button bracelet

I saw this idea on Pinterest, and it's getting to the point when I can't remember where certain ideas came from. I saw this and I loved it! I just happened to buy a whole basket of vintage buttons from River Market Antiques in downtown KC. I bought the twine at Ace Hardware for a different project.

If I do say so myself, it ended up just perfect!

Shot to the heart.

There are those days. Sometimes nights, sometimes mornings, sometimes just seconds. But they come. 

Our Sunday School women's class is going through So Long, Insecurity and it's been a HUGE encouragement. Let's just say that today, the rubber met the road. As I sit in Sunday School, I think, oh this is all going to help me out in life SO MUCH! But it wasn't until today that I really needed it. 

A dear friend of mine posted a quote from R.W. Glenn on facebook:
"I know I'm not believing the gospel when others' opinions of me make or break my day."
For me, I was that "other person" with the poor opinion of myself. I had gotten used to security in friends. Beth Moore said that "When we really try to find our security in God, our unhealthy relationships will be the ones to suffer. They will take a hit." I think I'm learning that my own deceitful, sinister, sinful heart is the most detrimental "relationship" to me. But my God loves me in spite of myself. He redeemed me, wretched heart and all. I'm learning to love the helplessness that I'm finding. The more I realize I am worthless, the more of my true worth I find in my Heavenly Father. :)

Last night, as I was perusing Pinterest, I came across this truth.

It reminded me that indeed, my God is my Strength. I saved it, and made it my wallpaper on my iPhone. Little did I know that I would need that reminder and that Strength and that Help today. He just works things out like that. :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

DIY: Paint Chip Artwork

A friend and I are looking for an apartment, so I've gotten to thinking about how I want to decorate my room. I've been doing some blog searching and such, and I decided to make some artwork for my walls. I stole a little inspiration from one of my favorite DIY blogs, Young House Love, and their freebie paint chip artwork.

Frame: On sale at Michael's for $3.99.
Brown paper: free, paper bag from HyVee.
Circles: paint chips from Home Depot.

Total cost of project: $3.99

I'm excited to hang it in my newly decorated room! :) ...once we find the perfect apartment!