Thursday, October 28, 2010

thankful thurdsay.

katherine therese michalski
my mother
mechanical pencils
sharpie fine point markers
my laid-back roommate

Thursday, October 21, 2010

thankful thurdsay.

My awesome roommate
ball-shaggers at volleyball games
school (sometimes)
the hope of graduation
the hope of ETERNITY
the ability to learn
purified water
my wonderful boyfriend
funky earrings
knees that work
good vision
my bed, pillows, and blankies
skin that heals
muscles that allow me to smile
having a second story room so I can open my window at night
promises of God's Word
glittens (glove/mittens)
ponytail holders
my mother
birthday cards
love songs
scrapbook paper
silver sparkly nail polish
Christmas lights
paper-chain countdowns
my little brothers
lame jokes
laminating machines
my volleyball team

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wordless wednesday.

whirlwind of a weekend...

friday: friday brought many exciting things... starting with my family coming to see me! Both parents, my dad's parents and both brothers made the trip out for volleyball senior night. We had a double header losing the first game but putting up a good fight, and winning the second. As a special “senior night” treat, 7 of the 9 new life members from last summer sang the national anthem, me included. :) it was glorious. I love the gaithers, but this was a much needed break. I LOVE my teammates! After the games, my parents and my grandparents took me to leaning tower of pizza for dinner. I LOVE pizza and I don't think i'll ever grow sick of it. I spent the night at the hotel with my parents after a relaxing soak in the hot tub.

saturday: my parents, grandparents and I took the trip to downtown DSM for the farmer's market. None of us had ever been and it was a special treat. It was senior day for the soccer teams, so I headed to the field... only to find out that my ROOMMATE IS ENGAGED. :) it was about time! My family left at halftime, but the guys on the soccer team made sure to tell me that my brother Seth would be an incredible asset to the soccer team (after having practiced with them on Friday). After the games, I spent the evening at the cornmaze with Journey (Grandview Park's college group). The great day was concluded by an even greater phone date with the greatest boyfriend ever. :)

sunday: sundays start out just like any other day, but end up being incredible EVERY week. Sunday school was a great encouragement of the sovereignty of God and the fact that we need not ever worry, or be frustrated. The morning service was entitled “The Word is Life.” Pastor Smith is going through Psalm 119 (this week, verses 57-64). I LOVE that chapter. God's Word is shown to be so vibrant. :) as I pour my heart into God's Word, I will find that it is my DELIGHT. If God is truly my Portion, I need NOTHING else. I can come boldly before the throne of grace, begging for grace, BECAUSE of GRACE. I think, therefore I turn to the truth. I also found myself asking if I am truly a companion of those who fear the Lord... Sunday night, my summer music ministry team was out for the last official time in Knoxville, IA. Our concert went well, and I was re-encouraged about all the same incredible things that spoke to my heart this summer. God is constantly good. Praise His name!!! :) The trip back was full of old memories and I realized yet again how incredible my teammates are. A very RANDOM group of 9 INDIVIDUALS brought together by God's grace, love and sovereignty... now, looking back after 9 intense weeks together, I would consider them some of my closest friends. I really do love them.

monday: nothing too thrilling.... class, practice, tanning, writing a paper, leaning on God's ever-sufficient grace... and another phone date. :)

tuesday: class, and a volleyball game in Omaha! Another group of people i've grown to love... my volleyball team. Ups and downs of the season have proven trying, but we've learned and grown through it. Tonight, we came out on top with a win in 3 games (out of 5). alas, God is good, I am tired, I am wearing thin, but when I am weak, He proves Himself to be strong. Lord, let me magnify Your name.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


i've wanted to blog for a while. don't ask why, i just have. i don't have time, nor do i have anything to write about, not to mention no one who would care to read it... but... here i am, blogging. senior year isn't quite as crazy as i had thought. and it's midterms week... with ZERO tests. today was a free day from volleyball (which is another story completely) so i had all afternoon to write a paper and work on a project. after years, i STILL hate homework. good news though... 20 6 days until graduation. Praise the Lord! my musings are less than extravagant or exciting,but here they are. a vision of my beating heart. what do i taste? what do i dream? why do i exist? by the grace of my God, i taste the passions and dream the plans and exist for the glory of my Creator.