Thursday, April 11, 2013

and then there was proof...

In the background... sometimes that's where the great things happen. Where they aren't noticed. Where they aren't readily praised. Where they aren't unnecessarily examined. Where they can be properly thought through. The background is where this story started, but not where it's going to stay.

This one guy had been in the background, behind the scenes, in my life. He was a friend, he was a smiling face, but that was all. He just sat and watched me while I paraded around trying to figure my life out. I put myself in the spotlight while he waited in the shadows. He waited for the timing to be right. Timing that wasn't in his terms. Timing that was in His terms, whether this guy knew it or not. I was busy trying to teach and coach and figure my life out while he watched me teach and coach and tried to figure out if he wanted a part of my busy life.

I was busy collecting friends and living the high life, or whatever you call teaching at a Christian school whilst running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and he was working. Becoming. Learning. Collecting skills and character qualities to be a godly man.

Then there was an accident, yet a moment in time that God knew we needed.

After that, the background wasn't really an option. He was on my radar, and I was... uhh... more than just on his radar.

Occasional texting turned into tennis.
Tennis turned into unintentional dates.
Unintentional dates turned into intentional dates.
Intentional dates turned into sporting events.
Sporting events turned into trips to the lake.
Trips to the lake turned into trips to my house.
Trips to my house turned into a family that was readily accepting and thrilled that this guy was so... me.
He smooths out my rough spots.
He eats and likes my food.
He laughs at my jokes. 
He buys me the most thoughtful things (like an automatic car starter).
He treats me with respect and dignity and he treats my family the same way.
 He puts my needs above his.
And he proves his trustworthiness and patience. 

I needed time to prioritize and clear my head while Christ used that time to redeem my past. I wanted pure motives and I needed time to make sure that's exactly what I had. I needed someone willing to wait for me. And that is EXACTLY who I spent time waiting for. :)

Isaiah and I spent time gaining wisdom from the friends who know us both. Praying and talking through our thoughts, dreams, and concerns. We spent time with each others' families and got to know them as well. After a few months of limbo, we made it "official" without making it "facebook official" (which is actually still okay in 2013). And 135 days later, we're still enjoying each other. :)

As someone without an M-R-S, I've gotten the question for years, "When are you going to get married?" I still don't know the answer, but I get to spend my days patiently waiting for an ever-faithful God. He's blessed me quite a bit up 'til now, and I'm excited to see His blessings down the road. For now, I'm gonna enjoy the blessings of a boyfriend who reminds me to love and trust my Jesus.


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