Monday, March 05, 2012

MaD Monday: excess

Last week: I'm a little on the slackery side... but my letter of admiration just went out in the mail today, so the person I sent it to doesn't even have it yet. :( But they'll get it soon!!!

This week: Bag up some clothes and donate them. I don't really care which clothes. And I don't care where you take them. I have a feeling those of you who read my blog do, indeed (as I do...) live a life of excess. Take some time to "cleanse" and donate. Even if it doesn't "better" someone else much, just the act of prayerfully realizing what you can live without will better yourself and give you a nice little lesson in humility and gratefulness. :)

Next week, I'll get a head start on mine so I can give you more specific instructions since it's a little more detailed. :)

Go make your difference!!!

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