Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY: personalized wedding gift: key fob

About a month ago, I bought these key fobs on Pick Your Plum (which might I add, is FANTASTIC! Seriously... hop on over and check it out, then subscribe for their amazing daily deals) and had them sitting around waiting for an idea.

My dear friend, Sunil, got married last weekend to a darling, godly woman, Amanda. Since I know myself, and I've gotten a decent clue as to just how wonderful Amanda is, I picked out the seemingly PERFECT gift to add to their already crafted wedding gift.

...and her new last name is on the other side. I know if I was a newlywed, I would freak at this gift, and possibly even just carry my keys around the house. So, I made my own... "Miss" on one side, "Roberts" on the other. haha! I'm paranoid enough about losing my keys... hopefully this will help if I ever do!

The key fob is made of thick felt, and the stitching is brown embroidery floss, leftover from my mug hug. I'm really excited to give it to her soon!!! :)

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