Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY: knitting, mug hug!

I tried (and basically succeeded at) my second knitting project! I made a coffee sleeve (or mug hug) for my to-go cups in a bonus attempt to go green, err, yellow... or just knit something small and fun. :)

I found the basic tutorial here and the extra fun stuff here. And as I looked back to link back, I realized I didn't even follow the tutorial. Oops! So basically, I just took the idea. ;)

My mug hug doesn't have a fancy stitch. I tried a stockinette, and then I tried k2p2, but both failed. Maybe I should "perfect" the basics before I branch out. I'm not exactly a pro yet. ;)

The mustache is brown, and the yarn is a burnt yellow. I love it. :) And since sewing is on my list of "things to attempt," I tried just sewing the back together (since knitting a circle anything is a far fetch at this point). I realized that looking nice was also a far fetch, so I went for the "Urban Outfitters" (I'll make this intentionally sloppy so it almost looks vintage) look. :) So yes, I know it looks terrible. I meant for it to. :)

I'm excited to try some new stitches and a few new projects... or just make one that looks like the original pattern. ;)

Knitting can now be added to my list of "things I have tried!"

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