Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY: a little home decor

I'm guessing most of you know that I live with some friends. And now that I've graduated from college, gotten my career started, and perused Pinterest for probably hours upon hours, I'm ready to have my own place and personalize and decorate it!!!

Last time I was visiting my parents, I ran across some wonderfully patterned retro sheets that my mom had. So I took them. :) I decided that they might come in handy some day for some Pinterest project. ;)

This is the gorgeous material I had from my mom! I kept an eye out for frames to put it in, and ran across these 12"x12" frames from JoAnn Fabric. The frames were originally 19.99 each. I got them on sale for 50% off, and I had a $5 off a $25 purchase and a 15% off deal since I'm a teacher. I scored the three frames for $21.75 total. :)

The frames looked a little bare on the shelf I have around two of my walls. :) So I arranged some of my books in front of them as decoration.

The first frame is graced by:
Real Marriage, by Mark Driscoll
some random book I was given
What Do I Know About My God, by Mardi Collier
... and a glass vase that I scored for $0.99 at Goodwill that contains my change. :)

The second display:
Love and Respect, by Emerson Eggerichs
House Rules, by Jodi Picoult (INCREDIBLE BOOK!!!)
and Crazy Love, by Francis Chan
 and a $0.99 vase from JoAnn on sale and some flowers that brighten any room!

 The last display:
my personal journal
Taste and See, by John Piper
Erasing Hell, by Francis Chan
and a $1.99 score from Goodwill that will someday be painted Oil Rubbed Bronze, but currently holds my rings. :)

I'm so excited about my new decor in a room that is becoming more my own... hopefully just in time to get my own apartment! :)

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