Monday, March 19, 2012

MaD Monday: making the difference you've always wanted to.

First of all, I'm sorry that 1. this is getting posted late at night. 2. I totally bypassed last week. I took a day trip to Columbia, MO to spend the day with a friend... SO the blog got put on the back shelf.

Last week (or two weeks ago): I have a bag in the middle of my room that keeps obtaining more items and will be taken to Goodwill tomorrow! :)

This week: Some of you might just decide that this isn't worth your time because it's too much work. That's fine. But some of you readers might just want to live a little bigger. Be a little more daring. This is your chance.

I doubt I'm the only one who has ever seen a homeless person on the side of the road and thought "I wish there was a way I could help without handing them cash that they might spend on booze." If I'm the only one who's thought that, get a heart, people! ;) Anyway, I saw this idea on another blog (which I cannot remember...) and I thought it would be a perfect way to make a difference over the course of time.

Make a kit for a homeless person (or a few!!!)

Suggested items (for a gallon ziploc bag) include:
1. granola bars
2. travel deodorant
3. baby wipes
4. crackers
5. a tract
6. a walmart giftcard
7. bottled water
8. Bible
9. fruit strips
10. poncho

The possibilities are endless. Once you get things together to make a kit, you keep it in your car for that moment when the homeless person is staring you down at a light. Now instead of staring ahead and acting like you got a phone call, you can brighten their day or maybe even change their life. :) And say a prayer for them. Don't judge them. They are a sinner in need of the same grace as you are!!!

**easy option for this week: When you're going through the drive through, pay for the person behind you's meal. I did this just last week. I happened to have an extra note in my wallet that said "You are loved. God loved us and sent His Son." I asked the attendant at the window how much the order from the car behind me was. He gave me a funny look, then told me. I smiled and said "I'd like to pay for theirs too. And would you mind giving this to them? (and handed him the note)" He said sure, and took care of it. This gave me energy enough to be smiling the rest of the evening. :)

I really am interested to see how you have been making a difference! Give me a shout!

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