Monday, February 27, 2012

MaD Monday: admiration

Last week: I struggled. A TON. I don't know why, but it was tough to turn the radio off. I've recently started listening to only Christian music (unless it's sunny/windows down weather which occasionally calls for country!) in the car. I felt like I was missing out on worship in some ways. I guess I've just gotten used to "busy" worship and I've let the "quiet" worship slide. DEFINITELY something I need to work on! The verses, not as tough. I'm learning to seize free moments as I realize that they are fewer and farther between! I now have a little packet of 30 verses that every Christian should have memorized that travels in my purse for those "extra moments."

This week: Write a letter (not just a note... a LETTER) to a person you admire. This is something I've been working on anyway. Just a reminder that they've made an impact on my life, even if I've verbally told them before. :)

Write your letters! Make a difference! And... see if you can handle more than one project this week! Double up... see how it goes!

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