Monday, February 06, 2012

Make a difference Monday: week two

Report from last week: I wrote my note on a post-it note right before I left school and I tucked it in my wallet so it would be fairly easily accessible when I ran my errands that afternoon. :) I got to Target and kept thinking of a place to drop it. I decided that I would wait to the checkout line in hopes that no one was behind me. It worked out perfectly. I dropped it in the lane as Ii was loading my items onto the conveyor belt. As I was leaving, the cashier was meandering around back towards where I dropped it, so I smiled and picked up my pace. :) It felt good to know that no one (except you) knew the "good thing" I had done that hopefully left a smile on someone's face and pointed them to the true Source of love.

Week two's challenge: Write three (or more) notes of encouragement and leave them one of two places: tucked conspicuously between books at your local bookstore, or on windshield wipers in a parking lot. The choice is up to you! OR... you could do both. :)

If you happen to miss it today, go ahead and do it another day! Blessings know no boundary of time. :) Be a blessing to someone EVERYDAY!

I can't wait to hear about both challenges, last week's and this week's!

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